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Electrical Installation Condition Report

Following a thorough electrical test, an electrical installation condition report will be produced following an inspection of any wiring in the property and the condition of switches, sockets and fuse boxes/switchgear.

The aim of an electrical installation condition report can be split into five main aims. The first being to make a note of the inspection results and any testing work that has been carried out to guarantee that the electrical system is 100 percent safe and ready to be used until the next inspection is carried out, especially after having any issues fixed. The second objective of an electrical installation condition report is to report any damage that has been found, thirdly followed by a rundown of any parts of the electrical installation that do not meet the standards set by the IET Wiring Regulations.

Furthermore, an electrical installation condition report aids in finding anything that may harm anyone that uses the electrical system in a property, such as any wiring or appliances that cause electric shocks or result in abnormally high temperatures during regular use. Finally, an electrical installation condition report provides a solid record that an inspection has been carried out and at what time the survey was conducted. This is highly useful for future inspections and for anyone who may purchase or let the property that wants evidence that the electrical system is safe to use.

Usually there are two types of electrical installation condition report, generally speaking on a domestic level there is a visual condition report and periodic inspection and testing reports. A visual condition report is merely a visual analysis of the electrical wiring and the associated componentry and switchgear. This is only suitable for installations that have been tested recently as it does not involve any physical testing of the hardware, it merely involves visual inspection which might not give a good indication of condition. The more thorough electrical installation condition report is the periodic inspection report. This report is typically the one that is recommended if the property has not been tested recently, as testing conducted by a registered electrician can identify any hidden damage that a visual inspection would not detect, thus ensuring the electrical system of the property is of sufficient quality and meets high standards for safety.

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