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LUX Testing

What is LUX testing?

LUX testing involves a comprehensive series of tests to determine the necessary interior and outdoor light level (lux) to perform tasks. LUX testing measures the levels of interior lighting and the impact on those in the building to ensure their wellbeing. It is very important that all buildings have appropriate lighting, especially for computer-focused businesses to reduce the likelihood of eye strain.

Why is LUX testing important

Good lighting is integral to safeguarding health at work and enable employees to happily and proficiently complete their tasks. Appropriate lighting allows employees to clearly read labels and safety instructions to ensure that they are fully compliant with all relevant safety measures to prevent hazards. Excessive contrast, strong glare and flickering light in the fields of vision of employees can be very distracting and reduces productivity.

To ensure that all employees can efficiently perform their best work without unnecessary stress and strain, different workspaces will require different light levels to fit the tasks being carried out in the environment. At Polarity Electrics, we understand that a good working environment is critically important to high productivity and satisfaction, especially for photographers or set designers.

What LUX level is right for which enbironment?

  • 200 lux – required by entrance areas and lobbies. Also, the minimum light for a restaurant dining area.
  • 500 lux – minimum light level that is required by retail spaces, as well as typical office spaces. Also suitable for continuous work on computers, machinery and reading.

Based on the results of LUX testing, we will always try to recommend any necessary improvements or provide further guidance on optimising the light levels in the surrounding environment. During brighter days, the lux level can be up to 100,000, which may be distracting for some use cases whereas, night time work is best conducted at low lux values of 1-50 lux. To decrease the amount of light, shaded areas will need to be created if the light levels are too high for the tasks being conducted. To increase the amount of light, additional lighting would need to be added to outdoor environments or windows could be added to maximise natural light in indoor environments.

Why use Polarity Electrics for LUX testing?

We always strive to conduct LUX testing that is fully covered and abides by all required legislation, regulations and rules to ensure that the LUX testing is conducted correctly and accurately. This allows us to give you clear conclusions and suggest many potential solutions, where necessary. LUX testing is an invaluable way to improve a work environment to ensure that staff can work without disruption. At Polarity Electrics, we always carry out any work to correct the lux results to the highest standard.

For more information on LUX testing, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team of experienced experts at Polarity Electrics.

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