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Homebuyers Electrical Test

With any purchase, a thorough test of the item you are buying would be carried out, this especially applies to buying a new property as it is a sizeable capital investment and the most critical aspect of any home is the electrical system. A homebuyers electrical test is a detailed and thorough survey of all of the electrics in a property, as the condition of the electrical components of a house is crucial to identify to reduce any risks to life or the property itself, with health and safety being the biggest concern for any homebuyer, considerably so for those with children.

A homebuyers electrical test results in a conclusive report of any hazardous componentry in the house and any electrics that require improvement but do not pose a threat to those that will occupy the property. This report is important, as it identifies whether or not the occupants will be able to safely live in the property and what the costs will be to fix any subpar wiring or circuitry. The last thing a buyer of a property wants is an extra investment of money to rectify any electrical issues with the property, as they have already made a significant purchase and as a result are not likely to pay more just to occupy the property safely or conveniently.

A homebuyers electrical test is a small price to pay for the complete assurance that a property’s electrical system is up to the task for the life of those that intend to live there, compared to potentially losing a life if the homebuyers electrical test hadn’t been conducted – there is no price on the loss of life.

A homebuyers electrical test will inspect a property inside and out with no electrical item spared, typically taking up to a day on properties with more than three bedrooms. The inspection will include the examination of every light fitting and plug socket including the wiring behind the socket, areas where there is any electrical cabling is inspected and the fuse box for the house is also tested for safety during the homebuyers electrical test as this is the first safety mechanism for protecting occupants of the building. The homebuyers electrical test will also include a series of reports, the first being a technical NAPIT and a narrative report to compliment this, which is then finally followed by any recommendations for remedial works and the costs of these solutions.

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