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Fixed Wire Testing

What is Fixed Wire Testing?

Fixed Wire Testing involves testing electrical services and systems which conduct electricity around a building. Fixed Wire Testing comprehensively covers all hard wiring in a building, including lighting, distribution boards, main panels, socket outlets, air conditioning and other fixed electrical items.

Fixed Wire Testing is a series of invaluable period tests to ensure that all electrical systems within a building are safely inspected and tested to the highest standard. This periodic testing strives to protect employees and buildings from the main electrical risks of electric shock and fire. After some time, these electrical risks can greatly increase as electrical installations begin to deteriorate so it is very important that you carry out regular fixed wire testing to ensure that employees are all fully protected from harm. At Polarity Electrics, our experienced team of skilled testers are uniquely equipped to perform these periodic tests to ensure the safety of all your electrical installations.

The results of fixed wire testing will be recorded as part of an EICR report, detailing specific details about the installation (inspection extent, inspection schedule, and test results). The EICR report will also assess the limitations of the electrical system, identifying any defects, and highlighting any dangerous conditions. The report then outlines any pressing repairs and faults that require attention, offering relevant recommendations for subsequent actions that need to be taken and any advice about what requires fixing to improve the standard of equipment.

Is fixed wire testing legally required?

Employers of a business are legally required to make sure that the health, safety and welfare of their employees, as much as reasonably possible, which involves fixed wire testing amongst many other things to ensure this crucial requirement is met. Fixed Wire Testing tests all electrical installations within a building to ensure any electrical installations are safe & compliant to ensure the wellbeing of employees

How often should fixed wire testing be inspected?

Over time, fixed wiring can deteriorate for a number of reasons, including wear and tear, aging and excessive usage. To avoid the risk of injury or even death, regular testing is absolutely necessary to ensure that systems remain well maintained and to ensure that all issues are detected quickly so action can be taken promptly, avoiding the quality of systems worsening to the point of becoming dangerous.

How often fixed wiring needs to be inspected will depend largely on the environment where electrical installations are being used. For example, the maximum period between inspections and testing is 5 years for shops, whereas fixed wires need to be inspected every 3 years in industrial environments.

The time between subsequent inspections will be dependent on the electrical installation’s condition when a preceding inspection has taken place. However, we would strongly recommended carrying out periodic inspections and testing at least every five years or at the end of a tenancy (if you are renting out a property), whichever comes first.

For more information on fixed wire testing, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team of experienced experts at Polarity Electrics.

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