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Periodic Testing

Any electrical system tends to deteriorate or degrade with ordinary use and age, therefore periodic testing should take place to inspect and test the electrical installation of any property or building periodically at regular intervals to ensure that they are in a good condition and that they are fit for purpose for future use.

Periodic testing will involve a series of thorough electrical inspections that will reveal if any aspect of the electrical system is overloaded with current usage, for example if electrical appliances keep triggering fuses or if the system does not provide enough power for the appliances utilising it. Periodic testing will also include finding any componentry that could potentially shock an individual or cause a fire, making sure that the people in a building are safe and that the building complies with health and safety law.

As well as this, the inspection will identify any defects in the installation due to a subpar installation or improper usage over a length of time. Finally, periodic testing will reveal any wiring that lacks earthing or bonding, ensuring that the system works properly and safely. Furthermore, tests on all wiring and electrical equipment is carried out to ensure that they are safe.

Periodic testing should be carried out once every 10 years for a home occupied by the owner, 5 years for a home that is rented, 1 year for a swimming pool area and once every 3 years for a caravan. The testing should also be done when a property is due to be let or if the property is going to be sold or if the property has just been bought.

Periodic testing should be carried out by a highly qualified and competent electrician, preferably those that are registered electricians. A electrician with suitable qualifications will be able to identify any item that may be faulty or potentially unsafe, to the smallest detail. This guarantees that the property or building is safe to use regularly at its expected level of use, and that nothing is missed potentially saving lives further down the line

To guarantee that a property is safe to use with electrical appliances, periodic testing is the best way to prevent any unwanted accidents occuring that could potentially harm individuals and any electrical componentry that could further degrade and escalate the repair costs.

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