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Emergency Lighting Testing in Caulcott

What is Emergency Lighting in Caulcott?

Emergency Lighting is lighting that automatically activates once normal lighting fails to ensure the safety of all inhabitants of a building. These systems are invaluable in the event of disaster to enable a safe escape route and provide efficient lighting.

What is Emergency Lighting Testing in Caulcott?

This involves testing all the components of emergency lighting systems to ensure they are fully operational and can deliver appropriate emergency lighting on demand once normal lighting fails. If emergency lighting systems are not adequately and regularly tested, this can result in safety being compromising, which could result in potentially disastrous consequences.

At Polarity Electrics, we provide a bespoke periodic inspection service in Caulcott to ensure that your building is fully compliant with the Emergency Lighting Regulations BS5266. Completing regular periodic inspections periodically helps to reduce business downtime and improve productivity. Our skilled team will ensure that all electrical testing in Caulcott is issued with appropriate certification that details any possible potential future issues.

    Emergency lighting Testing in Caulcott can involve:
  • Upgrading fire safety signs to ensure that they abide by all current legislation and include relevant and up-to-date iconography and typography as appropriate
  • Replacing signage where necessary
  • Minimising the height of signage
  • Checking that equipment has been correctly installed at a high standard
  • Checking all equipment abides by all relevant safety standards
    When carrying out tests that simulate a mains failure, the following safety procedures must be followed:
  • Ensure that other essential services or equipment are not switched off.
  • Do not fully discharge a system if the building must be re-occupied before re-charge is completed (typically 24 hours).
  • Do not test by removing fuses as this is not completely safe to a high enough standard.

What are the requirements for emergency lighting in Caulcott?

All emergency lighting in Caulcott should have a suitable system of maintenance that can be maintained with high quality repairs conducted as necessary. In order to have sufficient emergency lighting, all emergency routes and exits must be clearly indicated by relevant signage. All emergency routes and exits will require illumination, provided by emergency lighting, when normal lighting suffers failure.

How often does emergency lighting in Caulcott need to be tested?

We strongly advise that all emergency lighting systems should be tested on a monthly basis. Additionally, the duration of emergency lighting testing should be adequate to ensure that all lighting operates fully and correctly, whilst ensuring that any damage to the emergency lighting system components (e.g. Lamps, Battery) is minimised.

For more information on emergency lighting testing in Caulcott, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team of experienced experts at Polarity Electrics.

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